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My Story how i learned german


hello guys i'm loubane and today i'm going
to talk about my story how i learn
quickly by quickly i don't mean two
weeks or one month because i don't think
that anybody can learn german in such a
short amount of time
i am talking about a realistic time in
which you can communicate
very well it took me almost 10 months to
be able to speak very well in german
after 10 months i could communicate or i
could understand more than 90
of the conversations i was having with
someone and i was
almost like able to
six tips or things for you that you have
to practice to do very well in a short
tip number one the mindset i don't want
to talk so much about the psychological
aspect of learning something new or
learning a language
but i think that it is very important to
mention what was my mindset when i
started learning german because i think
it played a very
big crucial part in my learning journey
i have made some commitments that i
promised myself to stick to when i
the commitment number one baby steps
don't expect too much after a short
amount of time
it's very important it's like working
out you cannot see the results instantly
commitment number two you will have bad
days you will have bad days whether you
want or not
it's okay you can do less on those days
but don't let them take you down and
very important
don't make new decisions when you are
having a hard time commitment number
is don't seek perfection like when
you're trying to have a conversation
with somebody or when trying to practice
things you've learned please don't be
perfect make mistakes
it's a very important part in the
learning process the last commitment is
trust your abilities like you're gonna
make mistakes you're gonna have bad days
but at the same time please trust your
abilities and trust yourself and trust
the process now enough with the
motivational emotional part
let's start with practical tips tip
number two find the teaching
source you have to find a school an
online course or maybe even a book
as a main part of your learning journey
the idea behind that is not to learn
everything from it
for me the idea is that you have
something to track your learning process
something that makes you feel committed
to learning or something that makes you
feel secure about your process
something that has a start and an end to
reach a certain level for example when
you wake up you know that you've done
already 10 pages of the book and there
are still 90 pages to do
so you have something to track or maybe
still have two months of school in order
to reach the level x
it's a kind of feeling that gives you
motivation and security
and keeps you on track tip number three
watch movies with
german subtitles this is one of the most
important things
i did when i was learning german
unfortunately you're not gonna watch the
movie for the pleasure of its bloodline
you are going to watch the movie and
enjoy the
learning process while watching i know
it does not sound that good but
you have to deal with it life is hard
my friend i did the following i searched
for a subject that provided me with
i was interested in learning so if i
want to learn something about hospitals
and diseases i would
watch something about medicine so search
for a topic that you are interested in
and then here comes the important part
if the movie is one hour long you have
to watch it in minimum two hours
because you have to do the following
whenever you realize that an important
word was used you have to pause the
take a look at the sentence pick out the
important word
and write it down what will you then do
with this word
you will find out in tip number four be
careful here
you have to trust your feeling don't
learn unnecessary words
don't waste your time and energy to
learn for example
what the machine renegade means because
means gear sand shaker cleaner and
nobody wants to understand
what gear sand shaker cleaner
is in the early stage of learning german
or as a matter of fact in
any stage of learning german just
remember to pick the right words or
maybe the important words for you and
your level and
your lifestyle tip number four use index
please use index card if you want to
improve your language skills
so you have collected a couple of words
from the movie or maybe from the 10
minutes of the movie that you've
already watched please don't write
so many words limit yourself to maybe 10
or 20 words per day
so you can learn more effectively on the
first side of the index card
write the new word on the other side
write the meaning of the new word
in german and the meaning of the word in
your preferred language
after this write a sentence using the
word as an example
i think that's enough for now but if you
want to go a step further like i did
you can write the synonyms of the word
or maybe the opposite meaning of the
word if it has one
for example the word fast has the
opposite meaning slow
wow for me this is the most efficient
way to learn new vocabulary because
you are firstly hearing the words and
then you are writing them down
and then you are watching them all while
time analyzing the meaning believe me it
will be very hard to forget the meaning
of the word
after some practice afterwards tip
number five
sing songs when you are alone please
trying to sing
the lyrics of a german song is a
hilarious way to learn new vocabulary it
is very good to understand the context
of words and it is very good to
learn or to practice the right
pronunciation of them
and it's also an entertaining way to
observe more input
without feeling like forced to do it but
be careful don't choose the very first
suggestions on youtube when you are
searching for
famous german songs because you're gonna
end up learning
horrible songs that most germans hate a
i ended up doing
the last tip of this video is tandem
step is optional if you can find someone
to practice the things you learned it
can benefit you a lot
because you will improve faster but if
not don't worry you will get better with
time i didn't really have
anybody to talk to in the first year yet
i was able to practice by
chatting and using the internet and i
did very well with these
sources so you can do also that's
actually it
it's simple it just needs some time and
some commitment from you so set a time
to start
find the main teaching source buy some
index card bring your pen
and your netflix subscription and here
you go i hope
you enjoyed the video and got some
helpful tips from it i wish you a very
successful journey while learning
please subscribe to the channel and
support me to make more videos if you
have some questions you can write them
in the comment section
and i will try to answer them all

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